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About our company

About our company

The company Kri Kri was founded in 1981 and opened its first office in Pitsidia Heraklion Crete byKoumianakis Dimitris.

After a few years and for the better support of our customers, we opened a second office in Matala Heraklion Crete where you will meet the daughters of Dimitri Koumianaki, Eleni and Victoria Koumianakis and his son Manoli Koumianakis.

Passing by for our offices, we will have the pleasure to supply you with all the necessary information as well as a map of Crete and useful advices in order to explore the island in the most efficient way.

Over the year we have created the best relations with our customers by offering economical and reliable services of car rental.

Our main target is to offer all visitors of Crete the opportunity to explore, discover and enjoy the island with a safe and reliable vehicle.

We are able to guaranty a safe and comfortable drive on the island of Crete by supplying vehicles with unlimited kilometers, 24 hours breakdown service with replacement of the vehicle in case of damage or accident and child seats.

Our experience offers you the carefree holiday you need!



About our Brand

In Crete we have a symbol we identify with that represents our free spirit, our fearlessness and our passion for freedom. Its scientific name is capra aegagrus cretica. We, over the years have adopted its pet name and call it Kri-Kri just as it is now widely known across the globe. It is a wild, endemic Cretan goat. We call it αγρίμι = agrimi, loosely translating as a wild beast. There is another name to it that is purely Cretan in dialect: φουριάρικο = fouriariko, which means a fast, living in the wild, hard to capture, untamed beast.

By nature the Kri-kri is ultimately all of the aforementioned. Free spirited this majestic animal with its crescent horns and proud stance stands in its natural habitat like the king of its world.
Minoan rhyton from the Palace of Zakros, depicting a rocky landscape with Cretan goats.

Adapting to our environment, its free spirit and difficulty in catching it made it an animal worth depicting on ancient Minoan ceramics, murals and jewellery.

The Kri-kri has hooves like a horse, allowing it to be more bolder to jump or leap up to 8m from one head spinning tall cliff to another without hesitation as its hind legs are more powerful. Its fearlessness in these dare devil stunts have given it its free spirited status. However this makes it a migratory animal as it cannot stay in the same place between summer and winter.

The Kri-kri was categorised as an endangered species thus the government took action to give it a protected natural environment. The Samaria gorge, the largest and most southern of Europe is where the majority of the population can be found. The islands of Thodorou in the Chania basin is a another and the last being Agii Pandes, as small island just across the town of Agios Nikolas in the prefecture of Lasithi these are all in all the largest populations. Smaller clusters of the animal can be found throughout the mountainous range of the island.